Friday, February 23, 2007

Do you think you understand consumer demand?

There are a lot of armchair entrepreneurs out there who think theyunderstand it.Many have even gone broke thinking they really understood it.There are two sides to this coin.Demand fulfillment.And Demand Creation.If you want to make money online you will focus entirely on demandfulfillment.This involves giving the public "EXACTLY" what they want.Hungry markets have definite characteristics....and wealth can easily becreated bysimply giving the people what they demand.It is a piece of cake driving traffic to these kinds of sites and watchingthe cash register ring.Now demand creation is another story.Fortunes have been lost in the offline and online world by thinking youwere smartenough to create demand. My advice is not to play that game.Consumers purchase what they want not what they need.Trying to make customer want something is a very expensive idea.

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