Sunday, February 25, 2007

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eprintwerx Launches Franchisee Seamless Web-Based Direct Mail Postcard Marketing System>

eprintwerx quickly customizes business marketing plans through direct mail postcard campaigns. With this radical new technology, web users can map a target market, locate businesses and households, and apply demographic criteria to seamlessly launch a printed and mailed direct mail campaign quickly. Powerful new customization now enables user's own photographs logos and maps to be uploaded and cropped in seconds. With 250 million households and 115 million businesses available to target with products and services, eprintwerx offers users a 24/7 instant and powerful marketing tool. Now announcing New Home Owner data provided by HomeData corporation seamlessly integrated

SEATTLE (BusinessWire EON/PRWeb ) February 23, 2007 -- Marchex, Inc. (Nasdaq:MCHX) (Nasdaq:MCHXP) today announced that it is adding conversion tracking, as well as updated reporting tools to two of its pay-per-click (PPC) advertising networks, Enhance Interactive and the Marchex Network, enabling advertisers to more effectively track their return on investment (ROI), access key campaign performance data and make modifications to optimize their campaigns. Marchexs new conversion tracking feature allows advertisers to easily designate and track five different types of conversions, including i) sales; ii) leads; iii) sign-ups; iv) views of key pages and v) clicks on specific links on designated pages. It also enables advertisers to better track performance by keywords and make modifications to their campaigns to improve their conversion rate and ROI.


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